25 and still snacking

So it was my birthday on the 16th. I went to Boston to see some friends and go to an event, ended up not going to the event and didn’t get to see some friends, but I had fun with the ones I saw and the activities I did. Vague? Well, it’s ok, the point is that snacking happened. Since I’ve been so busy the past few weeks (projects, midterm, final, final, career fair, etc.) I haven’t really had a chance to make anything special outside of class, except for my rice with mayonnaise and bulldog sauce, but other people just think that’s gross. Those people are wrong. Japanese mayo is the tastiest!! Bulldog sauce it amazing as well.

It’s pretty much a fantastic version of BBQ sauce

In order to kill time on here, I have decided to review products that I sampled or revisited on my birthday. First stop? Lollicup! Now, if you haven’t had bubble tea by now then I pity your life. It’s tasty milk tea, or smoothies, or anything drinkable through a straw, with tapioca pearls to give you something to chew on while you drink. Sound repulsive? Whatever, it’s good. I had the Avocado Snow, and it was divine. I also tried my friends Barley Chocolate Milk, which tasted like chocolate milk with snacking barley bits that were extremely satisfying. My other friend had the Tapioca Milk Green Tea, which I’ve had before, and has a nice and simple flavor.

Barley, Avocado, Green Tea

There’s more…

Whenever I go to an Asian Market, I always search for my favorite 2 drinks that I had in Japan: C.C. Lemon and C1000. Both are lemony, slightly carbonated drinks with loads of Vitamin C, the only difference is that C1000 has more Vitamin C and is more carbonated. Usually I am not successful in my quest. My birthday, however, proved fortuitous and I found not only C.C. Lemon, but also Vitamin C hard candies!! The candies were really interesting. There’s a white tablet, which is the vitamin part and has a more tart flavor, and then there’s the candy lemon part that’s mildly sweet.

This stuff is the tastiest lemon flavored vitamin soda in the world

When I saw this bag, I almost died of excitement

They’re beautiful, right?

Overall it was a pretty decent day. The next day I was treated to a decadent chocolate cake made by my mother, and decorated by my father, and it provided me with a very healthy snack to eat while studying for my Nutrition midterm (I think it helped, I got 109!!).

Check back in a few days for the ever epic Pumpkin Stew!!!

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