About Me

I’m loving the rise in culinary websites, social media, apps, and shows. This website is my little contribution to culinary media, and started simply as a way for me to document and keep my recipes. I have a background in Communications, with a focus in Media Production, and I have experience in Culinary Arts. I want to do more to further develop my skills in these areas and find a way to better combine them.

Here is some of the work I’ve done:


TV Field Production Final Project The Food Ninja, 2008


Winning Recipe for Food Network Magazine‘s Think Like an Iron Chef Contest,
Peanut Butter-Banana Semifreddo


Websites I’ve been involved with:

Built:  Cheesy Rice,   Rivera Tang Soo Do

Consulted: Farhorizon Art

Currently Designing: Taste Wisely, Ana Barrons


The Singluarity is Near website, full cast and crew list. I worked as a Production Assistant during filming in Boston in 2008.


Campus Movie Fest Submissions:

Facebook the Movie, 2nd place 2005

String Theory, Campus Finalist 2008