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Farro al Funghi

Farro Fajitas

With my sample of Farro ai Funghi from Tuscan Fields for the Eat Write Retreat  contest for a ticket to a conference in Philly, I thought it would be fun to make vegetarian fajitas. Also I made this on Thursday, which is taco night, so why not? Also, alliteration is fun. I wanted to have more fun and make it Farro Fajita Pitas, but I couldn’t find pitas at the store :(

Since the farro has a lot of protein in it to begin with I didn’t feel the need for any other protein source, like meat or beans. Also, I just wanted to taste the flavor of the farro.I added mushrooms because 1) I like mushrooms a whole lot and 2) I think the texture of them makes for a great meat substitute. This is a really simple recipe, and was satisfyingly filling. Although next time I might try it with the Farro Perlato because the Farro al Funghi was so delicious on its own that it seemed almost criminal to mix it up with salsa and cheese. I still did it, and still enjoyed it, so overall it was a huge success.

Also, check out the beautiful onion I found at the grocery store! I couldn’t find onions this pretty even when it was my job to pick out beauty onions for the sets of Food Network shows! The peel wasn’t broken at all!


Crazy, right? I almost didn’t want to cut it up!

Here’s the Farro al Funghi on its own so you can see how delightful it is.

Farro al Funghi

Seriously, that alone makes an amazing side dish. I might have to get some for Easter.

On to fajitas!

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