Cheesy Rice


There are some changes happening to Cheesy Rice, as you may have already noticed! A few weeks ago I was talking with my friend Kelly about how I really wish I could come up with a good idea for a logo, and she turns to me and says, “Well, your site is called Cheesy Rice, right? Why not have it be chopsticks holding a piece of cheese?” And BAM I had a logo idea.

But then I remembered that I’m not an artist. So I asked my friend Vic if he would design it. He said yes, and then the next day it was done! Just like that! MAGIC. And it was perfect! Great! A logo! I immediately used it to design a business card, because I’ve always wanted business cards. Then I started working on incorporating it into my website layout.

cheesy rice1


Which led me to want to design a layout from scratch. Unfortunately, I don’t know  how to do that yet. So moral of the story is: please bear with me while I try to learn how to build a website/logos rock.

Visit Vic’s website to check out his art, and visit his Etsy shop to buy some of it. I’m sure if you harass him he’ll design a logo for you too.