Dill and Sage are finally growing. And Runsas are tasty.

My dill and sage have been growing awesomely. When they first started growing they were both kind of ugly, so I didn’t take any pictures. They were brownish and wimpy looking. Luckily, that quickly changed. Apparently dill grows really tall in a short amount of time. One day they were just peeking out of the soil, and the next they were like 2 inches high! I might have to raise my grow-light if they keep up like this.

Some of the sage kept the seed shell on for a while after they busted the soil. I wanted to just pluck it off, but I figured it’s probably a natural thing  so I left it. It’s cool to watch it though because the stem is all fuzzy and weird. You can see one in the middle with the seed shell still on the top.

It’s so interesting how all the herbs look so completely different, and the shapes of them remind me of the seeds. Dill, for example is really long and thin. The sage is very round and fat. Basil is round and thin. The parsley is long and very delicate looking. Maybe I’m looking into it all too much, but I think its fascinating.

On a completely unrelated side note, I just finished making Runsas (beef and cabbage buns) today and they are FANTASTIC. Savory filling wrapped in a lightly sweetened soft bread? Yeah, doesn’t get much more delicious than that. I plan on using the bread recipe and inventing my own filling with various herbs. You should be excited, because it’s going to be epic.