Drunken Spaghetti

It’s almost Valentine’s Day…you know what that means, right? Wine! Lots of wine!(And chocolate too, but let’s save that for later) Whether or not you’re in a relationship, this recipe is a winner. If you’re by yourself (like me!) this is a good excuse to go through a bottle of wine alone. If you’re cooking for a special someone (I kind of hate you) this can be a fun, romantic meal. You choose.


So what is Drunken Spaghetti? Excellent question! It’s spaghetti cooked in wine and water. How fun is that? It makes the spaghetti a neat color too. I chose to do equal parts wine and water to make things easier on myself, so all I did was pour a bottle of wine into the pot, then refill the bottle with water and add that to the pot as well. Easy! If you’re thinking to yourself, That’s such a waste of wine!!!! Calm down, I bought $2.99 bottles at Trader Joes. It’s not like I’m using something amazing and delicious.

You’ll notice that I’m using pancetta in this recipe. Pancetta is fancy Italian bacon, and normally way too expensive for me. I was going to just use regular bacon (you know, because romance) but I saw this super cheap package of chopped pancetta at the store and simply had to get it. You understand.

pancetta pkg

This isn’t really much of a recipe, just a guide. Good luck!

First you add equal parts red wine (I used a cheap Cabernet Sauvignon). It doesn’t have to be exactly half. Just close. If you don’t want to open another bottle later, set aside about a 1/2 cup of wine to add at the end.

pouring wine

When it comes to a boil, add 1lb of spaghetti and cook following package directions or until done.

Meanwhile, start cooking your pancetta/bacon/mushrooms/whatever you decide. I added a little salt, pepper, and 21 Seasoning Salute (from Trader Joes). You can use Italian Seasoning if you don’t have 21 Seasoning Salute. Add a happy amount.


Stir and cook on medium high heat until browned.


When pasta is cooked, strain it and return it to the pan.

strained pasta

Stir in pancetta and a 1/2 cup red wine. Serve with cheese and love.


Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!!!


PS – My new camera is crazy awesome. These are my first pics with it!! Hopefully I get better at it.