Food Allergies Make Me Sad

*For my Writing for Interactive Media Class I picked Food Allergies as my topic. I’ll be reposting my assignments here for your enjoyment. Here’s my intro*


I love food. It’s the best. So when I find out that someone is restricted in what they can and can’t eat, I get sad.

You’re lactose intolerant? That’s the worst.

You can’t have peanuts? My soul weeps for you.

No grains? I can’t even begin to imagine.

There are very few foods that I have an allergic reaction to. Some are easy to explain. I can’t eat blue cheese because it’s moldy and I’m allergic to mold. No big deal.

Some are harder to explain. I can’t drink red wine anymore. Because…my body hates me? It’s so inconvenient.

Why does food sometimes hate us? Why do people develop allergies to foods (and wines) that they previously enjoyed? Is it the same aspect that makes it so that people experience significant health benefits when they cut certain types of food from their diets?

So many questions! Let’s explore some food science to find the answers.