Grow Faster!

Basil, why so sad? There’s still only one bit of basil to be found in this vast pot of soil. Granted, it is a LOVELY bit of basil, but I thought that once it started then more would surely join the party. Maybe it’s way too soon, and the one piece that is there is actualy a freak of basil? I don’t know! I have no idea how long these things take, but everyone tells me I need to be patient. How lame is that?

My parsely, however, loves me. It’s very obvious. I discovered it was growing on Jan. 30th, right? Well, by the end of that day, there were already two more growing! Now there are a thousand! Not literally. Calm down, I’m not that amazing. My basil is being completely lame right now, but at least my parsely gives me something new everyday. They’re getting kind of tall and wicked thin, is that normal? Grown parsley is like that, so I guess it makes sense. But it’s so long and weak looking, like an awkward, gangly kid.