“Infinite Riches in a Little Room”

While I was on vacation in New Hampshire last week, I found some old timey cookbooks that my family had told me were up there. First, let me briefly explain the house. It’s really just an awesome cabin that a very nice lady left to my Grandpa back in the day. My entire family uses it for vacationing in the summer. It’s a nice place, very much in the woods, and I am very much allergic to it. But it’s still fun.

Anyway, so there were old cookbooks, and I had a chance to briefly go through them and take some pictures of recipes that I would like to try. Most I will have to change since they include a lot of cooking and frying in a large quantity of fat, but I’m sure I can figure it out.

 I have a plan of trying the recipes, and good or bad I will post them with both the original recipe written word for word as well as my own updated version of it. They’re a little tricky because they have a lot of vague measurements and silly instructions (half a glassful of wine; besprinkle with sugar). I imagine this will be fun for me. Especially the recipe that involves baking egg yolks, slicing them, dipping them in pancake batter, and frying them in fat, and serving with fried parsley. Yum and death. That’s in a book from the 1890’s.

I did decide to share now with the world a page of quotes from one of the books. It’s called: Favorite Recipes Cook Book, A Complete Culinary Guide, and it’s from 1931. It has lots of good recipes but I think the quote page was my favorite. Sorry it’s awkwardly split up. I was having trouble taking pictures with my less than perfect camera in a very dim room. I will try harder next time I’m there.