Irish Soda Bread

Update: I brought this home to my parents. They said it’s awesome, so I probably will make this again since it is so loved!

I’ve never made Irish Soda Bread before, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten it before either, but I wanted to try it for the sake of fun.  I have nothing to base it off of so I decided to try out this recipe since it had a lot of good reviews. I did make some changes, which I will share with you.


This recipe was a little confusing to me. What’s with the caraway seeds? I looked into it, and it seems like most recipes for this bread contain the seeds, so why not keep it in mine too?  You can definitely taste them, and I can’t quite tell if I like it or not. Maybe caraway with raisins is an acquired taste? I also found that the dough seemed waaaaaay too wet. I ended up adding extra flour because it just didn’t look right. Who knows, maybe I miscounted when I was measuring the flour. I sure had difficulty trying to score the top of it since it was so wet. That’s why it’s obviously over-floured on the top…I just wanted to score it!! You can get the main recipe here, and I’ll tell you the changes I made below:


My changes:

4 cups flour → 4.5 cups flour

3 cups raisins → 2 cups raisins

1 Tbsp caraway seeds → 2 tsp caraway seeds

65-75 minutes bake time → 60 minutes






I think it came out pretty good. It might have been fine with a couple extra minutes of baking, and it seems dense but I don’t know if it should be or not. It does taste good, especially with some butter while it’s warm. Will I make this again? Probably, but I think I’ll try a different recipe or research it some more. Will it become a tradition? Probably not. But who knows? Maybe I’ll find myself making it for every St Patrick’s Day!


I might as well give you a look at a slice too!