Mushroom Mayhem

I swear I did NOT mean to grow mushrooms. I have no idea how this happened. I went to check my basil last night, got all excited to see some extra life, looked closely, and there it was: a mushroom. It did make me feel a little better, since at first I thought it was an albino basil or something to that effect. So I think I’ll leave it alone for now and see what happens. I have no idea if it’s from the soil, or the seeds, or cosmic weirdness, but it’s at
least interesting. Whatever, that was last night. Today i discovered another basil bit! At first i thought “oh no, just more random musrooms”, which, to be fair, is usually the first thing I think when something happens. However, as usual, I was wrong! It’s more basil! I’m not a basil failure!

The parsley is a veritable forest. However adorable and miniature, it is still a forest. I didn’t even realize I planted that many seeds! I hope they don’t get too overcrowded. I might be exaggerating a little, but compared to the basil the parsely is growing crazy fast. Oh, and  what have we here? Of course, a mushroom has come to visit the parsley as well! I’m just going to go aead and assume it’s completely harmless, and most likely from the soil. It is cute, and adds more character to the planters, so for now it can stay. The second it becomes unappealing and icky, it will get ripped out and destroyed. With glee.  

Update: Mushrooms quickly died before I got a chance to take a picture! What’s that all about?

Here’s my basil and parsley thus far!