Mushrooms, sage, basil, and maybe more!

2 new mushrooms in the parsley! This time I made sure to quickly get pictures before they died (good thing too, because I took the pictures yesterday and they already died by this morning). Is this a normal thing to happen? I have no idea.

A couple days ago I planted some more basil seeds, since there isn’t all that much going on in the pot, so hopefully I can see those start to grow soon! Today I plan to go to Home Depot to get some sage seeds to plant next to the parsley, and maybe some other herbs too. Whatever strikes my fancy while I’m there is what will be planted next! It sucks because I want to grow tons of herbs and plants, but I don’t really have the space for it, and I would also probably need to buy more grow lights (and I’m way too poor for that!). Oh well, we’ll see how it goes!

Isn’t the mushroom incredibly random?