Sage = Adorable & Dill = Wicked Cool

First off, I heard about how some random from NY wants to ban the use of salt in all NY restaurants. That’s just a whole new level of stupid. Nothing will boost an economy like a massive chef strike! Hopefully NY realizes this is a silly idea and moves past it. If people are against salt in restaurant food, then they always have the viable option of cooking their own flavorless blobs of nothing at home. Oh well.

On to better things: herbs! Sage and dill are growing at an explosive speed! Meanwhile, parsley and basil haven’t changed all that much. The sage has started growing little herby leaves that are simply adorable. They’re all wrinkly and fuzzy and tiny, like a baby, except sage is actually cute.

The dill is just crazy whirls of mayhem. I like it. I had no idea that dill was quite so cool looking while it grows. I must say it is a pleasant surprise.

Poor basil and parsley are being wicked lame. They’re still so small! The parsley is starting to sprout little herby leaves, however they are not all that impressive right now. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was just too lame to post. I hope you enjoy the sage and dill instead.