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Delightfully Orange Semifreddo

For my brother’s birthday I decided to be the world’s best sister and cook him some tasty treats (mostly since I have no money to buy anything!). I was in the mood for orange colored food I suppose, so I made a Butternut Squash Risotto with ribs for dinner, and an Delightfully Orange Semifreddo for dessert. Oh, and my mom made a lovely funfetti cake too.  Since I made the Semifreddo first, what with the many hours of freezing time and all, I opted to tell you about it first. Also, it inspired me to change my blog from being herb based to being any type of awesome food based. It’s way more convenient this way.

I’ve made a lemon semifreddo before, and the acidic citrus tamed by the soothing whipped cream all frozen into a delightful bundle gave me the inspiration to try other citrusy fruits. Also, I was craving orange creamsicles at the time. And so my adventure with this dessert began.

I don’t have pictures of the process of making it, since I am unable to whip and take pics at the same time, so I will interject with pics of the finished product.

The ice cream with funfetti cake. A dessert made for the Gods.

At the store (with a recently remodeled entrance due to someone driving their car straight through the produce section last week) I headed straight to the oranges. I don’t really know much about different varieties, or what type would be most ideal, so I just picked the ones that were the deepest orange color that they had. I bought 3, not knowing how juicy they would be, and also not knowing if I would decide to snack on one while cooking.

After watching the finale of The Next Food Network Star, the ending which I had totally predicted months ago, I thought it was as good a time as any to get cooking. Or baking. Or mixing, I guess. It’s not really cooked, not at all baked, and mostly just mixed. First things first, it’s incredibly important to get everything set up before you get started, aka mise en place. Get the pot simmering, get your ingredients out, get a large bowl of ice water ready off to the side. Then begin.

Normally I crack the eggs first, but the oranges were my concern this time. I zested 2 of them up and got about 1 Tbsp worth of zest. It smelled so very amazing. Zest is important, as you may already know, because it’s where the most intense orange flavor comes from. And you thought it was the juice! When it came time to juice them, I discovered that I had bought the worlds most juicy oranges ever. Just one was slightly more than I wanted, and I ended up annoying myself by using only 3/4 of it and getting slightly more than 1/3 cup of juice. My mother, quite graciously, ate the other 1/4 of the orange for me.

I usually just use my Limoncello when I make a fruit flavored semifreddo, but I wanted this one to be pure orange. Instead of spending a ton of money and getting a bottle, I went the cheap route and bought a nip of Sky Orange Vodka. I used about half of it, and it was only about $1. Way better than spending all your money, unless you happen to drink orange vodka all the time. Orange rum would probably work well too.

Extreme closeup!

After that, everything was smooth sailing. I mixed the custard like a crazy person, calmly whipped the cream, and folded it all together in the most Zen-like manner.

FYI: It’s ok to use Tupperware or a Ziploc container roughly 9×5 instead of the way I say to store it in the recipe. It just won’t smoothly be pulled out and sliced in a fashionable way.

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Nutty Irishman Semifreddo (Ice Cream!)

Ok, so this really has nothing to do with herbs, but I make a lot of other types of food, and this is my blog, so I figure I can randomly post about awesome things I make. Let me tell you about how this most delicious of semi-frozen treats was created.

Isn’t it beautiful? My new favorite ice cream surrounded by my favorite coffee beans, it’s absolutely mouth-watering (at least for me!).

The Story:
I went to the Mohegan Sun a couple weeks ago with my brother, Mark, and my cousin, Jenna. While we were at the free Soul Asylum concert, we decided to be fancy and order Nutty Irishmen. It turns out that this is one of the best creations in the entire world. We all fell in love with it. Luckily, we knew we were coming back the next weekend to see Sponge.

The Nutty Irishman is just Frangelico, Bailey’s, and hot coffee topped with whipped cream. It is heavenly and warming.

Back to the unnecessarily long story. During the week in between concerts, Mark and I craved it too much and just decided to buy Frangelico and Bailey’s and make it ourselves. It was pure genius. Also, I learned that a little drop of Frangelico into whipped cream makes it a gazillion times more tasty.

So we went back, had it again, loved it. Last weekend I decided to make a Citrus Semifreddo from Giada De Laurentiis’ book Giada’s Kitchen. It was crazy easy to make, and so good that my whole family has been craving it since we first tried it last night. It’s hard to hold back from eating the whole thing.

Today, my brother and I were discussing other flavors we could make. He had the brilliant idea of trying to make a Nutty Irishman Semifreddo! So i looked at a bunch of recipes, realized they all have very similar measurements and very easy parts that I could substitute for the flavors I wanted. We made it. It is the smoothest, creamiest, coffee, hazelnut, beautiful, magic, indescribable-yet-I’m-still-going-to-try-to-describe-it kind of flavor. And it isn’t even done yet. I know the flavor is good, but I’m waiting to see how well it freezes. I was so excited that I had to type this before it was even finished being made!

Update: It has finished freezing and it is just as perfect tasting as I thought! I apparently didn’t fully incorporate the whipped cream, but I think it makes it look pretty and it still tastes bangin’ so it’s all good.

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