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Finally! I see something! One little parsley and one little basil! Little tiny green buds. I hope to see many many more of them soon. I’m just glad all this effort is actually turned into some gain. How lame woud it be if i got all excited about growing plants, and making a website, and then nothing happened? I guess I would have to run out to the store and buy some grown plants and hope no one noticed. But now I have them actually growing, and pics to prove it! Hopefully they grow nice and pretty and tasty, and soon become useful to me. Progress is awesome.

 Look to the bottom left! You can see the baby parsley!


After a long day at work (I’m currently substitute teaching, and I hate every second of it) I eagerly ran to my herbs in the hopes of seeing some green. Of course there was nothing. I understand it hasn’t even been a week yet, and they will probably take at least two weeks to grow, but still I dream. If nothing else, my hands are at least getting stronger from all the misting action I deliver to the soil. Maybe some day soon I will have at least learned how to rip an apple in half like my grandma use to!

Grow Light

It’s been a couple of days since I planted the seeds, and the waiting is boring as hell. Obviously it’s not going to have sprouted yet. But I still dutifully check a few times a day, and mist them with my fancy water misting thing. Today I made my dad dig through the garage to find a grow-light that he mentioned we might possibly have. Luckily we do, in fact, have one. So he rigged it up with some wire hangers and electrical tape to hold the light above my plants. It’s kind of rickety and stupid looking, but it’ll do the job and that’s all that really matters for now.