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Winning is fun

Well, this isn’t a recipe, and it isn’t advice, but instead it’s even better. This is me telling you about how amazing I am! Why? Well, besides the obvious reasons, it’s because I won a Food Network Magazine Secret Ingredient contest!!!

Click here to see me on FoodNetwork’s website!

Every month, on the last page of their magazine they print a new ingredient. Then within that month it’s up to readers to make their own recipe using that ingredient, much like an Iron Chef would.

On my second try I won. The ingredient was peanuts, and I had been making many types of semifreddo so I figured I could just go with that. But I needed a fruit to go with the peanut butter, and so I selected bananas. I made the ice cream, and poured it onto a graham cracker and peanut crust that I invented in order to have more peanuts in the recipe. It was good, but not awesome, so I changed it and made it again. It approached awesomeness. So I changed it again. And submitted the recipe.

Many things happened between then and now. That was in April. Now it’s July. The point is that I won, and am currently in this month’s Food Network Magazine. I won’t post my recipe here, you just need to go buy the magazine to see it. It’s pretty epic.

Oh yea, and I spent my $500 winnings this morning. It was fantastic!!