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Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies

Looking for a last minute potluck treat for St. Patrick’s Day? Make some Bailey’s Brownies! These are wicked easy, and absolutely delightful. There is a subtle hint of Bailey’s flavor mixed in with the awesomeness of chocolate. It was really hard to photograph these and not eat them at the same time

But I did it anyway.brownies2


I wasn’t really sure what I was doing with this, so I guessed at some measurements and they came out really fantastic. I used a box of Duncan Hines (13×9 Family Sized) Chewy Fudge Brownies. Looking at the instruction on the box, there was a total 1 cup worth of liquid added (water and oil) so I figured if I did 1/2 cup of Bailey’s and 1/2 cup of oil it would be fine. And I added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips because why not? They were easy to get out of the pan once cooled, had a nice slightly crisp edge, and were still chewy.

I’m trying out this recipe feature my website template comes with…so click/look below for the recipe! Let me know what you think!


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nutty close

Nutty Irishman

We’re getting closer to St. Patrick’s Day! Obviously this makes me think of food and beverages that have the word “Irish” in them somewhere. Which reminded me of how much I adore Nutty Irishmen. If you look at my recipe list you’ll notice that I made a similar recipe once, the Nutty Irishmen Semifreddo. That might be a bit too complicated if you’re just looking to relax this weekend, so here is the original beverage version for your enjoyment.

nutty close

It’s simple, really. First, you brew coffee. Brew it however you like! Get a mug, add 1 shot (1 to 1.5 oz) each of Frangelico and Baileys Irish Cream. Add coffee. Stir. Top with whipped cream (optional) enjoy! This can also be served over ice if that’s your preference.

I always like to have this with whipped cream. To make mine, use 8oz of heavy whipping cream, 1 tsp sugar, and 1 tsp Frangelico and whip it until it formed soft peaks. Then I sprinkle it with cocoa powder if I think it needs flair. This doesn’t come out very sweet, but that’s how I like it.

Go on, you know you want to try it!



Irish Soda Bread

Update: I brought this home to my parents. They said it’s awesome, so I probably will make this again since it is so loved!

I’ve never made Irish Soda Bread before, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten it before either, but I wanted to try it for the sake of fun.  I have nothing to base it off of so I decided to try out this recipe since it had a lot of good reviews. I did make some changes, which I will share with you.


This recipe was a little confusing to me. What’s with the caraway seeds? I looked into it, and it seems like most recipes for this bread contain the seeds, so why not keep it in mine too?  You can definitely taste them, and I can’t quite tell if I like it or not. Maybe caraway with raisins is an acquired taste? I also found that the dough seemed waaaaaay too wet. I ended up adding extra flour because it just didn’t look right. Who knows, maybe I miscounted when I was measuring the flour. I sure had difficulty trying to score the top of it since it was so wet. That’s why it’s obviously over-floured on the top…I just wanted to score it!! You can get the main recipe here, and I’ll tell you the changes I made below:


My changes:

4 cups flour → 4.5 cups flour

3 cups raisins → 2 cups raisins

1 Tbsp caraway seeds → 2 tsp caraway seeds

65-75 minutes bake time → 60 minutes






I think it came out pretty good. It might have been fine with a couple extra minutes of baking, and it seems dense but I don’t know if it should be or not. It does taste good, especially with some butter while it’s warm. Will I make this again? Probably, but I think I’ll try a different recipe or research it some more. Will it become a tradition? Probably not. But who knows? Maybe I’ll find myself making it for every St Patrick’s Day!


I might as well give you a look at a slice too!


Guinness Beef Stew

To kick off St. Patrick’s Day meal planning, why not make some Guinness Beef Stew? It’s like regular beef stew, except better. It has everything it needs to be Irish: potatoes, beef, and alcohol! I’m not a big fan of just dying everything green for the day, instead I figured it would be fun to make real recipes based off of other Irish stereotypes. Since I’m a little bit Irish (maybe like 1/8th?  possibly? I have no idea) I can do whatever I want with this holiday!


Here’s what you gotta do:


Cut about 1lb of beef into cubes. Or buy pre-cut stew beef.

Dredge the beef in seasoned flour.

Put enough oil in a pot to coat the bottom, and heat it on medium-high until the oil is warm. Place the meat in, being careful not to crowd the pieces. Let cook until browned on one side, then stir it to get the other sides browned. Remove from the pot and set aside.



In the same pot add:

1 medium onion, chopped

3 carrots (about 12 baby carrots), chopped

1 bell pepper, chopped

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 garlic cloves, minced

8 oz (1 package) sliced mushrooms

salt and pepper


Cook for a couple minutes, until onion are soft. Dust with 4 tbsp flour, and stir to coat the veggies.

Return beef to the pot,  add 1 quart (4 cups) beef broth, 1 can of Guinness, 1 packet of onion soup mix, and  3 chopped medium-size  white potatoes. Simmer until meat and potatoes are tender.




Nutty Irishman Semifreddo (Ice Cream!)

Ok, so this really has nothing to do with herbs, but I make a lot of other types of food, and this is my blog, so I figure I can randomly post about awesome things I make. Let me tell you about how this most delicious of semi-frozen treats was created.

Isn’t it beautiful? My new favorite ice cream surrounded by my favorite coffee beans, it’s absolutely mouth-watering (at least for me!).

The Story:
I went to the Mohegan Sun a couple weeks ago with my brother, Mark, and my cousin, Jenna. While we were at the free Soul Asylum concert, we decided to be fancy and order Nutty Irishmen. It turns out that this is one of the best creations in the entire world. We all fell in love with it. Luckily, we knew we were coming back the next weekend to see Sponge.

The Nutty Irishman is just Frangelico, Bailey’s, and hot coffee topped with whipped cream. It is heavenly and warming.

Back to the unnecessarily long story. During the week in between concerts, Mark and I craved it too much and just decided to buy Frangelico and Bailey’s and make it ourselves. It was pure genius. Also, I learned that a little drop of Frangelico into whipped cream makes it a gazillion times more tasty.

So we went back, had it again, loved it. Last weekend I decided to make a Citrus Semifreddo from Giada De Laurentiis’ book Giada’s Kitchen. It was crazy easy to make, and so good that my whole family has been craving it since we first tried it last night. It’s hard to hold back from eating the whole thing.

Today, my brother and I were discussing other flavors we could make. He had the brilliant idea of trying to make a Nutty Irishman Semifreddo! So i looked at a bunch of recipes, realized they all have very similar measurements and very easy parts that I could substitute for the flavors I wanted. We made it. It is the smoothest, creamiest, coffee, hazelnut, beautiful, magic, indescribable-yet-I’m-still-going-to-try-to-describe-it kind of flavor. And it isn’t even done yet. I know the flavor is good, but I’m waiting to see how well it freezes. I was so excited that I had to type this before it was even finished being made!

Update: It has finished freezing and it is just as perfect tasting as I thought! I apparently didn’t fully incorporate the whipped cream, but I think it makes it look pretty and it still tastes bangin’ so it’s all good.

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