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How to Make Honeycomb (video)

Hi! Look! A video! I had to make a video for class this week anyway, so why not make it for my website? I chose to do a How to Make Honeycomb video mostly because honeycomb is easy and fun to make, and I like breaking things (you'll see).

Honeycomb pic

It's been a long time since I've made a video, and I tried to get this one done very quickly so I could submit it before I go home for Easter, so it's not the most polished video in the world. If nothing else, doing this reminded me of how much fun it is to make videos! Maybe they'll be more (better planned) ones in the future? We'll see!

A special thanks to Kenny Penguin for supplying me with the music.

The Food Ninja!

In 2008, I made an amazing video for my final project in a video editing class. It’s about The Food Ninja, who breaks into houses and makes delicious, and healthy, treats for people who would otherwise die of malnutrition. In this video, the special treat is Tabouli.

I will be adapting the recipe used in this video for fresh parsley, so this one doesn’t quite fit with my theme right now but I just thought this little gem should not be hidden from the world anymore. And so I share it with you all.

The video might be a little strange and jumpy at parts, so you’ll have to excuse me for that, but for some reason the audio on parts of the tapes got randomly severely distorted and unusable, so I did the best that I could with what I had.

Many thanks to Sarah, who put up with my craziness as a director and was very patient as a ninja should be.